NOTICE: In light of CDC’s recommendations about telecommuting to limit or avoid the spread of the coronavirus, we are willing to conduct mediations and arbitrations telephonically or electronically, upon agreement of all the parties (and, if required, Court approval).

Available start times appear in white below; unavailable times are greyed out
For engagements to be held in Tampa (or within 1 hr drive from our office), please click on any available block of time and complete the intake form.
Engagements to take place more than 1 hour from our Tampa office must book Full Day.
FULL DAY: Select the AM portion of an available day, and select Duration “Full Day.”
Note: requests made through this system are just that, requests, and are only confirmed by separate email
from either or

Use our website’s Contact Us page or call 813-935-9922.
To best accommodate all of our clients, we can hold up to 2 dates for a 72-hour period while awaiting confirmation from the other side.
If you prefer/require engagements beyond usual business hours (e.g., early mornings, evenings, or weekends), please Contact Us.

The calendar below shows only two weeks at a time. So, if it says “No Availability”, that simply means we have no availability for THAT two-week period. To check which other dates may be available, simply click the right arrow or “Jump to Date”.

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